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15M- indignad@s

The 15-M Movement, also called the movement of the indignant, was a citizen movement formed as a result of the demonstration on May 15, 2011 (called by various groups), where after 40 people decided to camp at the Puerta del Sol that spontaneously, there was a series of peaceful protests in Spain, with the intention of promoting a more participatory democracy away from the bipartisanship PSOE-PP (binomial called "PPSOE") and the domination of banks and corporations, as well as an "authentic division of powers "and other measures with the intention of improving the democratic system.

It has brought together various groups of citizens with different slogans, such as the May 15 demonstration: "We are not puppets in the hands of politicians and bankers" or "Real Democracy NOW! We are not merchandise in the hands of politicians and bankers ».

Beginning with the global demonstration on October 15 (15O) United for #globalchange, the activists who were part of the camps and assemblies, began to create thematic collectives. Likewise, new political parties began to form, such as the X Party in January 2013, or Podemos in 2014, which were presented to the European elections in 2014, with five MEPs obtaining the second. The 15M movement has had an influence on later social movements such as the Occupy Movement or YoSoy132.

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