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My name is Marcelo Argañaraz and I was born in Apostoles (Misiones) Argentina, dazzled for years by the "magic" of a photography laboratory, where my self-taught training begins. In love with travelling, people and images ... I try, through them, to show simple stories that were recorded in my memory and in my camera, to return to those sensations every time I remember them or observe them ... Free-lance in the world of images, currently, along with photo-reportage, fashion, portrait, product and personal projects; I collaborate with social organizations, fashion magazines and lifestyle (travel photography). 


academic training:

2013/2014 University Expert in Applied Professional Photography Miguel Hernandez University - Elche - Alicante - Spain.

2013/2014 Professional Photography Course, EFTI - Madrid - Spain.

2014/2015 Master in Contemporary Photography and Personal Projects, EFTI -Madrid- Spain.

2015             Workshop Photograph of Nude - Madrid - Spain.

2016             Photographic Expression Workshop - ENFO (National School of Photography)

- CABA - Argentina.

2017             Nude Photography Workshop - ENFO (National School of Photography)- CABA - Argentina.

2018       Diplomat in Social Photography - UBA (Faculty of Philosophy and Letters) - CABA - Argentina.

2019    Foundry Photojournalism Workshop - VII Academy and PhotoWings - Kigali - Rwanda

2021    Fotografía Documental - Zona Zero - (on-line) - ZONAZEROMEXICO


2013 - Collective CONTESTED_CITIES - Madrid (Spain)

2017 - Collective "The Language of the Body" - ENFO - CABA (Argentina)

2019 - Personal "42 años...Memoria, Verdad y Justicia. Movimientos de Derechos Humanos en Argentina" FREEDOM PARK - PRETORIA (South Africa)

2020 - Collective FLUX - Reflections on Movement and Longing - AASA Argentinian Association - JOHANNESBURG (South Africa)

awards and distinctions:

2013 - first runner - 1st Urban Photography Competition CONTESTED_CITIES

2017 - first prize - 5th Summer Salon FotoRevista 2017 (sponsored by the FAF) 2017 -

Two Special Mentions of the Jury - 5th Salón Verano FotoRevista

(sponsored by the FAF)

2018 - third prize - 8th Monthly Contest FotoRevista - Human and Nude Element

2018 - Top 9% Body Line single photo - Top 100 Body Line photographer - 35AWARDS Anual Photography Awards.

2019 - Top 35 - puesto 18 - Report from Hot Spots 35AWARDS Anual Photography Awards

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