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December 2017- Congreso Argentina

December hot. Chronology of days 14 and 18 of December of 2017. The recurring expression alludes to that month of 2001 in which Argentina entered a social and economic abyss leaving dozens of dead in the streets. Every year, for one reason or another, the specter of social revolts and police repression plans over the country. Buenos Aires revived the days 14 and 18 of December 2017, one of those days of summer fury in a city armored by hundreds of riot police that have prevented thousands of protesters from accessing the vicinity of the Congress of Deputies. There, the coalition of the president, Mauricio Macri, intended to approve a tough adjustment against millions of retirees. The chaos that reigns on the street and in the legislature itself has postponed the debate on this controversial reform. Even the most senior deputies had not seen such a police deployment before. Hundreds of police have cordoned off a perimeter of several blocks around the Legislative Palace, in the center of the Argentine capital. Summoned by leftist political parties and unions, thousands of people have come to the vicinity of the Congress. Shortly before the parliamentary session began, the police began firing rubber bullets and tear gas while the water trucks dispersed the demonstrators ...

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