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they aren´t, they are...- JAILS

Throughout history, the situation of people suffering persecution, torture, detention, jails, in extreme violence in any of its manifestations, is a constant. Independently of geographical, historical, social or political contexts; the systematic violation of the most elementary rights, happens in the course of the chronology of humanity.

Walter Benjamin says:

"There is no document of culture that is not at the same time document of barbarism."

That's probably what these images aspire to; to be documents that, in part, testify to the barbarity in which we live. Memory is a form of resistance. And as a testimony of the historical epoch in which we live, to approach sites where, although invisible, they are present "no one" is a form of memory.

In different geographical spaces, and throughout history, more or less visible sites are located; in which humanity exercises its schemes of oppression and torture.

During the course of the II GM, in European territories, there were centers for the internment and extermination of persons. Nowadays, and perhaps as a reflection of a dark age of humanity, the same sites, the same schemes are reproduced ...

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