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w i t h  t h e  M o t h e rs, NO!

On April 30, 1977 a group of women, summoned by Azucena Villaflor, met in the Plaza de Mayo to demand for their children that they were missing. A policeman, paying attention to the law imposed by the dictatorship, told them that they could not sit still there. "Circulate," the agent ordered, and the women started marching around the May Pyramid, it was the first round of many.


From different places of the City of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires conurbano arrived that day. They went together to request a hearing from the then dictator, Jorge Rafael Videla, to answer for the disappearance of their children. They were not allowed to be together so they started walking and going around in the square. That day began the rounds of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo.


On August 11, 2016, the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, staged their march No. 2000 ...

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